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Employment law insights

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There’s been a lot in the press about the case of Royal Mail Group Limited -v- Jhuti recently. Briefly, the facts are that:-

The Supreme Court decided that:-

The key message here is that knowledge can be imputed within the employer, based upon the case’s circumstances. Hence, those who deal with hearings should always scrutinise the evidence, process and the reasoning, before reaching a conclusion.


For a disclosure to be “qualifying” (and potentially form the basis of a protected disclosure, which could lead to a subsequent and successful claim), the Claimant must make the disclosure and reasonably believe it is in the public interest.

The case below is a useful reminder that the Claimant’s “belief” should always be investigated and it does not matter if the belief turns out not to be true, as long as the Claimant reasonably believed it was at the time of making the disclosure.