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Category: Employment law insights

By Centurion Legal


There’s been a lot in the press about the case of Royal Mail Group Limited -v- Jhuti recently. Briefly, the facts are that:- Jhuti worked in RM’s media team and made a number of disclosures to OFCOM; her line manager responded in kind by constructing a false picture of inadequate performance; and this false picture […]

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For a disclosure to be “qualifying” (and potentially form the basis of a protected disclosure, which could lead to a subsequent and successful claim), the Claimant must make the disclosure and reasonably believe it is in the public interest. The case below is a useful reminder that the Claimant’s “belief” should always be investigated and […]

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CONTRACTORS AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT: Are your contractor agreements fit for purpose?

The GP (Narayan – “N”) in the case below was deemed a worker by the Tribunal, with which the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) agreed, despite N being engaged and paid via a limited company from 2015 (which the healthcare provider was not initially aware of). The judge noted the main features of the N’s role, […]

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