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How to Find The Best Employment Lawyer: 7 Things To Look For


Many think of employment cases as disgruntled employees taking on their employers in a court of law. What, however, if it’s the employee that doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain?

As an employer, you have the right to seek legal advice to get the compensation you deserve. You may find that your employee breached their contract, or you may suspect they’ve engaged in fraudulent activities.
Whatever the reason, an employment lawyer will give you advice, so that you take the necessary steps to help win your case.

There are, however, lots of lawyers out there so knowing how to choose the best one can be challenging.

With this in mind, here are 5 tips for choosing the best employment lawyer for your case.

1. Search The Web

In the UK, there are various ways you can find the top-rated employment lawyers in your area. By visiting the Law Society, you can search for lawyers by:

• Organisation name
• Location
• Area of law

Once you’ve found a few firms you believe can help you, visit their websites. This information will give you a feel for the firm and tell you whether they have the experience to take on your case.
These companies should update their websites on a regular basis. This will show that they are proactive and stay up-to-date with the latest news in their industry.

2. Ask Friends And Family for Recommendations

Friends, family, and colleagues are a great source of referral. This is especially true if they’ve used an employment lawyer in the past and achieved the desired outcome.

By asking those closest to you, you may also get the chance to cross certain firms off the list. After all, if you have a friend who had a bad experience with a law firm, you’ll know to steer clear of them.

3. Talk To A Lawyer with A Different Specialty

Have you hired a lawyer in the past for a different type of case? Did you like them? Did they help you win your case, or put together the legal documents that you needed for your circumstances?

Well, they could also be able to tell you how to find an employment lawyer in your area. In fact, their firm might have employment lawyers which they can recommend to you.

4. Your Chosen Lawyer Should be Able to Show You Employment Cases

The best employment lawyers will have a portfolio they can show you. They’ll be able to show you the type of cases they have worked on in the past. They’ll also be able to show you their methods for winning them.

They’ll be able to give you advice that will help keep you above board from a legal perspective. For example, they’ll tell you if you have the right to withhold pay during the process.

You should ensure that the lawyer you chose has worked on various cases over the past few years. You must also check that the lawyer has handled similar cases to yours.

Also, there are two types of employment solicitor. Some represent employers and some employees. Make sure you choose one that specialises in representing employers, as they’ll offer a different stance on your case.

5. Research Ethics Violations

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority in the UK will keep a record of any disciplinary action taken against a lawyer which results in a sanction or warning. You should check your chosen lawyers conduct over the past years.

If you find they do have violations on their records, check the description of these violations. Some of the most common ones include:

• Negligent representation
• Misappropriating client funds
• Undisclosed conflict of interest

If your lawyer has committed any of the above violations, steer clear of them.

6. Find Out More About Their Reputation Online

When searching for an employment lawyer, check online reviews. You can see these on websites, search engines, and social media platforms such as:

• Google
• Yahoo
• Yelp
• LinkedIn
• Facebook

Remember, however, to take these reviews with a pinch of salt. Those who had bad experiences are often more motivated to leave reviews than satisfied clients.

Not only this, the internet has become a popular place for competitors to pose as clients. They then leave negative reviews to stay a step ahead of other law firms. Also, online reviews are one-sided. This means you won’t get the lawyers perspective on the matter, only the clients’ views.

By reading a few ratings, you’ll get a feel for which reviews are genuine and which aren’t.

7. Choose Someone You Like and Trust

When it comes to employment cases, there is a strong chance you’ll be spending a lot of time with your solicitor and their team. With that in mind, if you’re stuck between two or three firms, choose the one you like most.

The relationship you have with your lawyer is important, because this may often help achieve the desired outcome. The better your lawyer understands your business needs, the more likely they are to be able to achieve a commercial result for you.

There are various reasons employers lose employment cases. Some of these include:

• They don’t come across as “credible” or “believable” during the Tribunal hearing
• They lose evidence
• They don’t have the right documents

A good employment lawyer can help you with all of the above. They can help portray your personality to the jury. They can also organise all your paperwork to ensure you meet all the Tribunal’s requirements throughout the duration of the case.

Finding The Best Employment Lawyer In Nottingham

By following all the tips above, you’ll be able to choose the best employment lawyer that can help you with your case from start to finish. They’ll make sure that everything is ready to give you the best chance of winning your case.

Not only this, they’ll become lifelong partners that will help you with any legal matters you may have in the future.

If you’re in the Nottingham area, you should contact Centurion Legal today.

We provide modern and forward-thinking employment law solutions to businesses. We also tailor all our services to meet your unique needs and business interests.